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My first trophy playing basketball
My first trophy playing basketball

Growing up I always loved playing basketball. Anything I did involved basketball, it wasn't just a fun sport for me to play it was a lifestyle. Everyone in my family enjoyed watching and talking about basketball. When I was younger my dad use to use basketball analogies to teach me something I didn't understand. Where I lived at the time there weren't any teams I could play for so my dad would just take me to the park to play. When we moved my mom signed me up for team at a park when I was 8. We were called the Tiny Lakers and I was the starting point guard. My whole family would come and support me, it became a weekly tradition. With the support of my family my team had the best record and I was named MVP of our league. Till this day my family still comes to support me at sport events. 

– Khyree Dodson

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant