First Communion Gift

Embroidered Gift for First Communion
Embroidered Gift for First Communion

My family is very religious and very Christian. We practice traditions together. In the Catholic community, people at the age of 6 have their First Communion. There they eat bread, which is the body of Christ. They drink wine, which is the blood of Christ. When I was 6 years old, I had my First Communion. As a gift, my grandmother, Ev, gave me an embroidered sign that said my name, “First Communion”, and the date.  The gift makes me happy and shows that I will always have Christ when I need him, and he will always be there to help me when I am feeling down. The embroidery hangs up in my room and is always there. If I had never had my First Communion my life would be very different. This item shows what I believe in, and what I believe in has changed my life for the better.

Place(s): Wisconsin
Year: 2015

– AE

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