First baseball

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First baseball

One day my uncle went to a baseball game and his name is Munir. The day that my uncle went to the game before he was about to go he told me that he is going to bring me a surprise when he comes back from the game. The teams that were going to play were Mets vs Nationals the games was at Washington Dc. When he arrived to the stadium he went to go get some food after we went to go get some food we went and sat in his seat. We were seating and watching the game in the middle of the we seen a old lady with a lot of baseballs. After a little while we started to bother the old lady to give us a baseball after a one minute she gave us a baseball. After she gave us the baseball we asked her to do one more thing for us to go to the mets World Series MVP to sign the baseball. Then he did after that we had a nice time watching the baseball but the Mets still lost.

Year: 2017

– Mohamed

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant