Filipino Dolls

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     My mom and uncle gave dolls to my grandma as a Christmas gift. They have photographic images on the fabric of the dolls’ faces. My grandma and she have kept these forever. My mom gave these to my grandma because she thought she would really appreciate them. I think my grandma sees them as if her kids were always with her as little dolls. From what I remember seeing the dolls, the dolls were 2 feet tall and firm as a couch cushion. The clothing on the dolls had the same material as a pair of jeans would in the doll on the right-hand side. I think my family story is unique because my grandma was moving to many places and adjusted really well which a lot of people have a hard time with.      My family migrated from Manila, Philippines, and landed in San Diego, California. They settled, and my mom and uncle went to school, and my grandma got a job and went to see family that previously moved from the Philippines. My grandma met my Grandpa in San Diego. He was a Navy Seal and eventually got stationed in Bremerton, Washington, and has been there ever since. The reason why my grandma moved was that she saw it as a better opportunity and her mom petitioned to move to the US with other family members as well. 
     My grandma still lives in Bremerton, Washington and we visit her there for the holidays and see the dolls still on her couch. 

Place(s): Manila, Philippines
Year: 1982

– L

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant