Fiestas de octubre

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Fiestas De Octubre
Fiestas De Octubre
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I was born here but most of my childhood i lived in guadalajara from around 2007-2012 with my parent. Every year we would go to a fair called "Fiestas De Octubre"  Its like the ventura county fair but better. Just like here they sell food have rides and entertainment. This fair became a tradition that we would do every year. Every  october i would wait with exitment to go to the fair with my family and cousins. This lovely tradition however changed around 2013 due to the fact we came back to the US since my parents wanted a better life for us and even tho I cant go every year to "Las Fiestas De Octubre" I try to go every once in a while to relive this tradition and make memories with my family that lives in mexico.

Place(s): Guadalajara Jalisco

– D.M

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant