Family Photo

For my family the most important thing is the family itself. The people that are in my family are me my mom, dad, brother, and baby sister. Our family picture is in a small frame that is placed in our living room. The family picture is from one or two years ago. There is a different one that was taken when I was one year old. So it was just me my mom and my dad. My picture connects to immigration because it represents how my family moved to America to have a better live and form a new bigger family. Also form me to have a good education. This also shows how we started a new life. Every morning we wake up and we look at the picture. Every time I do this i think about how thankful I am about what I have. My family appreciate about all we have even if it's not what we want, we still have what we need. My family makes me proud about who i am no matter how wild and crazy my family is. I love and admire my family and they love me back. My object makes me feel proud and lucky in the position i am right now. I am also glad I am with the people who care for me and show their love with me. My dad was the first in the family to be in america. He told my mom to go to America with him but my mom said that she would not go without me. So my mom and me went walked to America to have a better life. When we got to America my dad went to pick me and my mom.

Year: 2006

– marlene

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