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Coat of arms (uniform) for the Scott
Coat of arms (uniform) for the Scott

 The object that I chose was actually just a pack of papers that my aunt made. The papers are a very detailed family tree that my aunt was able to make by reaching out to different parts of our family and slowly linking people together. My aunt made these papers for the same reason that I chose them as my object. It was because we really didn't know anything about our family history. I actually didn't know about these papers until a few weeks ago. I ended up being told about them because I was reaching out to different family members looking for an object to do this project about because we didn't have any items in my house. After reaching out to a few people I was able to find these documents which was really the first time that I ever learned about my family's history other than that I'm Scottish. I learned that I come from the Laidlaw family and my aunt actually told me that there are many people still alive today that carry the Laidlaw name. My family was neither rich nor poor so they lived with their lives pledged to a lord. The lord that they pledged to was the Scott family. This lord would let many families live on their land and in turn they would have to wear their coat of arms as a sort of uniform. Not only that but if needed they would be ready to go to war for their lord. These documents are important to me because they are the only info I have about my family history from the 1800's.

Place(s): Scotland

– Mason Lester

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more