Family “Tree”

Photo of the tree
Photo of the tree
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I live in a vegan household, in other words we follow a vegan lifestyle. We value our planet. This includes plants, specifically a tree that has been in our family for over 30 years. My father didn’t become a vegan until after he moved out of his mother’s home. He has had the tree since he was 18, which was around the time he went vegan.  The tree is almost like a symbol for him becoming vegan.  My father has always loved traveling. When he was away, my grandmother would take care of the tree. My father loves traveling to places with beaches, when he does he brings back shells. The shells are placed in the same planter as the tree, two in one.   As of right now, the tree is sitting by our front door. It gives off a welcoming vibe. My favorite thing about the tree is its color pallet. Its thin leaves are red and green with orange and yellow undertones. This reminds me of a sunset on a day where the sky is so clear there’s that flash of green right after the sun disappears into the horizon. I value the tree like I value all plant life. Veganism has always been important to me. From public speaking for animal rights to taking care of the plants in my home, at the end of the day, I’m just one more person trying to make a difference.

Place(s): California

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