Family Traditions

Irish flag
Irish flag

I have never known my family to have major traditions that relate to our countries of origin. In reality I have never known much about my family's past at all, especially when it came to our immigration story. The other day when I asked my dad if there was an object or food that I could write about, he didn’t really have any information to give me. This helped me see that it was not just me that did not know that much about our history, but the majority of the people in my close family. This revelation made me feel quite sad that I did not have any major traditions to talk about but then I went to think about all of  the little things my dad told me about. Things such as celebrating St. Patrick’s day, having some family members play rugby which is a popular Irish sport, and even our Catholic faith. As I thought more about these things I saw that even though they were small and basically insignificant apart, together these small things seemed to show a little bit of our past. This let me know that you don’t have to have large unique traditions to feel connected to your past and the country your ancestors came from. It also showed me  that even though I couldn’t see it, my family's past has been constantly influencing my life in small but meaningful ways.

Place(s): Ireland

– Cooper

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more