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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Steak and Chicken the best family recipe
Steak and Chicken the best family recipe
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Family Recipe At any party that my family would have, they would always ask us to make the steak and chicken. They would always invite us to their parties and would always say that our chicken and steak will always be better than anyone else’s. Every single time the steak and chicken would be the first ones to be eaten. We would always have a blast when we throw parties. Just when they take a single bite they would say “wow” this is very good and every single time they would go to grab more. Once in a blue moon, there would be leftover and they are more than glad to take more to eat later. They ask what do you put into the food. We would always tell them how we make it. But when they would try to make it, it would never come as good as ours. So they would always tell us to make it and we are happy to do it in any case they needed food. I would always be asked do you know how to do it. “I would say of course I know how to do it” All the recipes were from my great-grandma and she is still alive. We would always get together to share the family recipe. 

Place(s): Mexico, Texas, US

– Angel Ramirez

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant