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Mimi, Chad and Eric
Mimi, Chad and Eric
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 Growing up my father was always proud of his family and their Swedish background. As told by my father, Eric Holmberg, his great-grandfather, Hans Holmberg came to New York from Sweden in the early 1900s. While in Conklin, New York, he met my father’s great-grandmother, Gertrude Holmes. They were known to my father as Bumpa and Mimi respectively. They had one son together who they named Richard Holmberg. The family names are what keep our family tied to its Swedish roots. The family name was extremely important to them all because of this. To list them all out: My father's great-grandfather was Hans Axel Holmberg, my father’s grandfather was named Richard Hans Holmberg, my father’s father is named Hans Eric Holmberg, my father is named Eric Hans Holmberg,  my father’s brother is named Chad Richard Holmberg, my father’s first son is Christian Hans Holmberg, and my father’s second son is named Jonathan Eric Holmberg. Their names all include names from their ancestors, mostly as middle names, and of course, the Holmberg name holds strong for them all. Since Holmberg is our last name, it ties us all to our Swedish roots the most, especially with the spelling of it with ‘berg’ instead of ‘burg’. Additionally, the names Hans, Eric, and Richard are family names that are still continually passed down in our family. 

Place(s): Conklin NY, Malmo Sweden, Great Bend Pennsylvania, Audio: Swedish Anthem

– Brooke Holmberg

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more