Family Matriarch

Great great grandmother  family dinner
Great great grandmother family dinner
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These photos are of my great great grandmother Theodosha Durant born 11/22/1899 and passed 10/9/1991. She was an American Indian from the black foot tribe in Oklahoma. During her early life slavery was still in effect. She lived on the Indian reservation. She married Benjamin a runaway slave who came to their reservation for safety. They had 12 children. Ben traded livestock and horses to the Indian chief for Theodoshas hand. They lived on the reservation until they were granted a large plot of land in Oklahoma. It was there that she raised all her children until they grew up and moved away. In 1984 she got on a bus alone and traveled to California. She didn’t know where any of her kids lived or how to contact them. She assumed that all black people knew each other. She sat at the bus station and approached every black person she saw asking if they knew her son. After many hours and conversations with strangers someone recognized the name. These two men took her to her grandson. This is how she reconnected with her family and lived the remaining years of her life residing with one or another of her daughters who cared for her as she lost her memories and health declined from Alzheimer’s. 

Place(s): Oklahoma Indian reservation and traveling to California
Year: 1984

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more