Relationship: Im/migrant
Ramadan  back In Egypt.
Ramadan back In Egypt.
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This is what Ramadan looks like back home. My brothers, sisters, mother, father, their kids, wives and husbands, are all gathered around the table for the first Ramadan iftaar. Little things like special foods, drinks, and sweets are what make up the Ramadan Iftaar. Back home, there was always a time to go to family’s homes and spend the day off of work. But since I’ve immagrated to America, those things have changed. We have less time to spend with family  since there is work, school, and other things to be taken care of. I am the first generation here, but I have kids and feel like they have been missing out on the real taste of Ramadan.

Place(s): Egypt
Year: 2009

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Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant