Have you ever tried an empanada? If you have, great and if you haven’t you're missing out on a wonderfully delicious  snack/food for a dessert or a meal.  An empanada could be made in two different forms.  It could be made with a sweet or fruity filling, for example it could be filled with some pineapple jelly and it could be eaten with some milk or other beverage after you either fry it to give it a harder shell or you could bake it. Another way that empanadas could be made is that it could be filled with something more filling. It could be filled with ground beef with vegetables and then you could fry them. These could be made for a holiday or special occasion like christmas or it could simply be made for an afternoon meal. Even though empanadas are originally from spain they have become such big part of the mexican culture that many people believe that it came from mexico.

Place(s): mexico

– Cristina Perez

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