Electric Rice Cooker

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important role in our everyday lives. Thank to the invention of the electric rice cooker, people can reduce the cooking time within 30 minutes and no need to worried about the quality of the steam rice any more. It has become the necessities in the kitchen of every Chinese family and part of our eating culture. Therefore, it is one of the most essential products that I need to find a place in my luggage while packing up stuffs to the U.S. Being an international student, pizza and burger will never satisfy my stomach. Several days without eating rice will make me feel “sick” both physical and psychological. I will miss the scent of the warm steam rice and the scene of having dinner with my family in my hometown. Thus, the rice cooker is not only a tool for cooking but also the icon of my home, which can bring me multi-sensory associations.

Year: 2015

– Anny Guo

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