Relationship: Im/migrant

Growing up in the Dominican Republic with my grandmother and aunt food was never a problem for us. My grandmother always made sure that everyone at home was well fed. The Plantain Press that we had was always being used and it’s a very special object to me because even though is a Pilon we have our own way of using it. I always remember how my aunt used to make food and sell it every night around 8pm outside of our house. I also remember helping her out especially with the tostones. This object means much more than just looking at it and saying “oh it’s made out of wood.” When my grandmother and I came to New York to live with my mother a lot of things changed for me. I felt different. I was already used to helping my aunt cook to sell at night in the Dominican Republic, play with my neighbors and cousins. But one thing that definitely made me feel at home was the fact that we brought the Pilon with us. I know I was surprised as well, really wasn’t expecting it but my grandmother brought it with her. And it means so much to us, because even though is extremely old it still works perfectly fine. We have been having since I was 5 years old. Just imagine now I am a 17 year old high school girl getting ready to soon go to college.

Year: 2005

– Jomnialees Galindez

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant