El Divino Nino

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

Divine Child Jesus
My object is a statue of Jesus as a child. It is originated from my family’s country, Colombia. My grandmother and my mother use the statue to pray everyday because we believe in God and Jesus is the son of God, so when we pray we feel close to God.   My mother was raised in the capital of Colombia which is Bogota’, in this city people are very passionate about Divino Niño, because they believe that he could do miracles. Such as healing sick people and helping people with problems.  My mom got the statue at the age of 10 This statue is important to my family because my grandmother believes in him and she passes that tradition to her kids, and then my mom teach us about it. We all have a figure in each house to keep us safe and when we think we are in need of something we ask him for help, and once he does it we have to return a favor in hand, like going to church more often, pray more than usual or help someone else in need. I have keep one statue in my room, it was given by grandmother she brought for me the last time she went to Colombia, the reason she brought it for me was because she wants me to keep the tradition of praying everyday to Jesus. The Divino Niño has different prayers from the other saints, everytime I go to her house I see her reading it because she is always praying for all the members of our family.  Sometimes when we go with her to church on sundays, were they have a big statue of him, we get close to it and say a prayer before the mass starts. 

Place(s): Mexico

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Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant