El Charro

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Can have different colors or drawings.
Can have different colors or drawings.

The reason why I have chosen this hat is because my family celebrates this day a lot and one of my dearest relatives became a "mariachi", and they are those people who dance, sing and play instruments in those events. I am from abroad, from a country called Mexico. In Mexico there is a day to celebrate the dead, you ask yourself: in what way?  Well, to commemorate those loved ones who are not with them, an altar is prepared in which people place: candles, images of the deceased, food and a bread belonging to Mexico made up of bread and sugar, which receives the name of "pan de muertos".  Like, my grandfather had a brother and he had a small hobby and he liked music of those tastes very much. The moment was born to be able to have an object to remember it.  Anyway, when he was young, music was not so valued, it was only said that it was a pleasure but my ancestor took it more as a pleasure and one day he had the opportunity to become a mariachi and without thinking he took it, in addition to singing for  a public for money did it with pleasure to his family.  He had a promise with his brother that he would sing at his wedding and in the end it is only a happy memory since I do not know what happened next, what this story left me is that music can bring smiles and is not only capable of making me happy. In the end my uncle when my relative was about to die as he was not someone of money he gave the family something that he considered something of great value and that was his favorite Charro hat.

Place(s): Mexico
Year: 1980

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