Ecuadorian Currency

Relationship: Im/migrant

The picture above is Ecuadorian Sucre which was used in Ecuador before the dollar. My mom brought this money with her when she decided to immigrate to the U.S. This money has sentimental value to the whole family because of its reminder of the struggles that my mom went through. The story behind this money is that when my mom decided to immigrate to the U.S her last pay check that she received over there was of these sucres. The sucres reminds her of her struggles in Ecuador because of the very poor economy during the time she was there and it also reminds her of why she decided to come to the U.S, she new that her decision meant she would struggle here as well but she new that there were more opportunities here then in her home. When she decided to immigrate to the U.S she brought this money with her to remind her of her struggles back in Ecuador and as a reminder of why she decided to come to the U.S and that she was in search for a better life for herself as well as for her family. This money also reminds her of what she was leaving behind which was her culture, family and the only life she new. My mom has kept this money for over 30 years now and it continues to provoke emotional feelings every time the story is told because it reminds the whole family of the struggles and the toll it took on our mom to get to where she is today. 

Place(s): Ecudaor, United States
Year: 1980

– MR

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant