Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Ecuadorean Passports
Ecuadorean Passports

My father was born in Cuenca, Ecuador in 1966, into poverty and grew up dreaming about going to America for better opportunities and riches he could have in life. He lived in a room with his 5 siblings, went to school in the morning, worked afternoons making bricks, and completed his homework at night with only a candle light. While constantly abused by his family and teachers, his education ended in the sixth grade because of lack of money and was forced to continue his job. Once he turned 18, 1984, he migrated north through Mexico with a fake last name and little knowledge in order to cross the border. He left his newly pregnant bride with a promise to return. He looked for any job he could, as an immigrant, being a busboy and working in construction to support his family to bring them to the U.S. He resided with his brothers in an apartment in Harlem, freely learning English and other languages from his coworkers. My father did not have a passport the first two times he entered the United States, but with the lighter laws back in the past, he was later able to get citizenship for himself and his family. My father is very open with the stories of his travels, and because of him my opportunities are wider and we have the ability to travel as a family.   

Place(s): Ecuador, New York City
Year: 1984

– Aaliyah P.

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant