Relationship: Child of im/migrant
A pair of flower-shaped earrings with three circles hanging at the bottom.
A pair of flower-shaped earrings with three circles hanging at the bottom.

My mother was given two choices after graduating from secondary school in Mexico; either continue to go to school or help out on the farm until someone asked for her hand in marriage. decided that she wanted to continue school. She was given a pair of earrings just like these after receiving her communion shortly after graduating. She would pluck weeds and help around on the farm. She cherished the items she had because she knew the notion of buying new supplies or clothes wasn't present at all. Money was always accounted for, their was always never enough to spare on jewelry. She gave her father these earrings for safe keeping and told him it was okay to sell them if he needed the money. Both of her brothers had moved to Mexico City to look for better paying jobs, try to themselves through school and send money back home. With the extra earnings coming back home, my mother was able to focus on her studies. She was able to finish high school and a 2-year college and earn an internship with her excellent grades. The internship required her to move away from home and complete her studies throughout Mexico, helping and vaccinating farm animals. My mother was trying to become a veterinarian. She knew with this internship, she would be able to find a decent job and help her family. Her internship gave her the opportunity to come over to the US. She stayed here because of the better pay. She saw these earrings being sold at a local market and had to buy it. It resembled those which she left behind. Today, these earrings are stored in glass case on her dresser.

Place(s): Mexico, United States

– Lisa Marie

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant