This certain object does tell a personal story to me. These earrings were my first ever pair to own, although I didn’t wear them as my first pair, they were my first ever known earrings. My great nonna and my great zia traveled to Italy, their home country a couple of weeks before i was born or at the moment i was born, they had called my mom asking if it was a girl or boy and when she had told them that it was girl, that’s when I got my first pair of earrings which I usually wear. I would say they do because my whole mothers side of the family originates from Italy and most of them immigrated to America so going back and getting a gift for their now later on family might bring back those memories. This object is very sentimental towards me because it’s from a country where i am partly from and is a gift from my great nonna and great zia who did as well once live there. 

Place(s): Italy
Year: 2008

– MS

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant