The picture of the doll that was knitted by my grandmother is very special to my mother and her family. The doll is very significant in that it makes for a good way to tell stories about family. The doll is not the same doll as old but rather a new one made with similar features. The information to know about the doll is that my grandmother made it for my mother to use. My grandmother worked as a domestic helper for families in the New York area and she always wanted my mother to have the things she could not have and the doll was something that she was able to create. My mother told me a story of when she got the doll and how happy she was in having it. My mom was the youngest of four and it was nice for her to have a doll of her own. What the doll means to me is special because it allows me and my mother to have conversations about her family. The doll has significance also because from the museum perspective it would have been pretty much the only thing that a young girl or boy would have as a child. A doll could be seen on the kitchen table in the kitchen of the tenement house of the museum.

Year: 2007

– Clark Whitfield

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