Relationship: Child of im/migrant
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Whenever it is Diwali, my family lights candles around the house but leaves one spot open for a special candle called a Diya, which was given to my father by his father. This is one we use every year by putting oil in the cone-like part of the Diya. The cotton thread-like substance absorbs some oil and you light it and it burns a light for a while. It will burn until there is no oil left to absorb. We just replace the thread each year and reuse the Diya every Diwali. The Diya was originally bought by my great-grandfather and it is the only item of his my family has. My grandfather decided to give to my dad since he was going to America. It would serve to remind him of his roots so he would not forget them after he moved to a more modern country. This item means a lot to me since my grandfather used to celebrate Diwali with me every other year. It was a tradition for only my family to do this, but it still connects me to my culture. My grandfather recently died and this constantly reminds me of him and how he would light the Diya with my family every other year. The Diya also reminds me of how my father left everything he had in India to give me a better life in America.

Place(s): India, America

– HS

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant