Dinner Table

round table,transparent, glass table
round table,transparent, glass table
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 My object is my dinner table. My dinner table reminds me when my favorite uncle was still here but he left for Mexico and I remember that I cried a lot when he left because I knew that I won't get to see him again. My dinner table reminds me of all the memories that I made since I had it. One memory will be when my uncle was drunk and he fell over my Christmas tree the other memory that I remember is when my sister had her Fifteen and I remember when I smash my sister's face into her cake when she was turning seventeen and I was cracking up so much and she got cake up her nose. The other memory that I remember is that sometimes we talk about what happened in our days and sometimes I ask questions about the space and sometimes my parents talk about their childhood. Another thing that I remember is when we first made donuts and I still recall how they tasted and they tasted awesome. One of my favorite memories that I remember while looking at the dinner table is when I was in the house of my cousin and we were playing and we were recording ourselves with the phone of my cousin but me we were little back then but I remember that I had the phone of my cousin I was recording myself but I had allergies cause I'm allergic to cats and I was like sneezing a lot and I said two time panqueques and it was funny cause I have watched the video and when I saw the video I started laughing but my cousin doesn't have the video anymore I was sad when I heard that.

Place(s): Minneapolis, MN

– Naydeli.A.Sandiero.F

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