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Relationship: Im/migrant

Ushna and I are best friends since childhood. We grew up together. She was always by my side. I was like her other half. We used to play, eat, study and almost do everything together. But, sadly I had to leave her when I shifted to America. I never thought that I would have to leave her. But we both had to understand that this how life goes. The good part was we had a lot of good memories together that I could remember and laugh. When I was about to come my friend gave me a diary. She made it so special that I would never want to lose it. She wrote about the good and bad times we had. Made an album of our pictures and put it in the diary. When I came to America I was really sad so I used to take out the diary I would look at our pictures and I felt like I went into the past. I had a smile on my face. Now with the busy routine of my life I still find time to go through because I never want to forget a really important part of my life.    

Year: 2016

– Fatima zia

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant