Dia de Los Muertos

Candy skulls made from sugar.
Candy skulls made from sugar.
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A tradition that has been passed down through my family is el Dia de Los Muertos. El Dia de Los Muertos is a tradition celebrated in Mexico, during these days you put up an “ofrenda” for the dead that contains their favorite drinks, pan de muertos, calabaza en dulce, camote en dulce, candles, papel picado to decorate and mainly cempasuchil flowers. We celebrate this tradition from October 31st through November 2nd for our deceased family and friends. We always gather together to celebrate the dead on those days it’s a very special 3 days for my family as we all gather together which is a rare opportunity since me and my family live several towns from each other and I have in Mexico which we no longer see. This gives me and family a special opportunity to light candles and leave food out for the dead. We also leave out chairs so the dead have the chance to rest from their long journey. This tradition is very important to me because it connects me to my family in a spiritual way and its a tradition that's been passed down for years by family members in Mexico.

Place(s): Mexico, United States

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