Dark Tea

a teapot that is used to brew tea.
a teapot that is used to brew tea.

Brewing tea tradition came from China and then was well transferred to Europe. Nowadays, we may associate the phrase “drinking tea” as a British tradition, however, as a member of a Ukrainian family I am very well taught of the process of brewing tea, as well.  This skill I got from my parents, who both lived in Ukraine. Both of them lived in, relatively to cities, small towns with very deep cultural exposure. I believe that’s where they got their skill of brewing tea and passed it to us as the modern generation of Ukrainians who were born in cities themselves - full of quick services and opportunities.  I haven’t seen that many people who drink tea every time they consume food. In my family that is a basic establishment - whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, we always know our beverage is dark tea.  In the modern era of coffee and tea restaurants, such skills can be considered as fancy and exotic to brew your own tea. I feel it adds some distinguishable feature to my identity as a Slavic person of old traditions of hand-work and not work of servicemen. It’s a great feeling to be connected to your culture or to any culture and be disconnected to the rush of the current world of fast and machine-made products. 

Place(s): Ukraine
Year: 2019

– DT

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child