Daniel’s Hat

In Attire

Having two brothers in the army has been difficult, but the most difficult thing about it was the constant waiting; waiting weeks for letters, waiting for two minute phone calls, waiting months or even years for them to come home. When you're in basic training in the army you’re pretty much always in uniform and you aren't allowed to wear things like hats. When my brother Daniel left he asked me to keep his hat safe for him. It’s hung on the poles of my headboard to this day. Whenever I’m missing either one of my brothers I put on his hat and I don't feel so alone anymore. I remember when my brother Jose was stationed at Fort Hood, it was 2014, the year of the Fort Hood shooting. A soldier who had served in Iraq and struggled with PTSD opened fire on the base. In the end 4 were dead including the shooter and 16 were injured. The base went on lockdown for 24 hours. For those torturous 24 hours I didn't know whether my brother was dead or alive. I remember sitting in my room wearing Daniel’s hat praying that Jose was okay. After the lockdown was over I learned that he was fine but if it weren't for Daniel’s hat I don't know how I would’ve gotten through that.

– AG

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