Relationship: Child of im/migrant
curry goat mixed with potatos
curry goat mixed with potatos

The most popular dish in my family is known as curry. This dish can be found in the Caribbeans and parts of Asia. My mother has ties to the Caribbean island, Jamaica; same for my dad as well as India. Both of them were born and raised in Jamaica, my mother in Clarendon, father in kingston. My mother was in the country region, and was used to the farming lifestyle. Her and her family raised their own animals, and grew their own crops on their land, but there was still enough space to roam around in. I remember when I visited Clarendon, my aunt taught me how to kill a chicken, and i was chased by a goat that was tied to tree that day. There was a huge party for my grandmother going on the night, so a lot of food was being prepared that day. One of those foods that were being prepared was curry. Curry is a powder that originated from India, but migrated to the Caribbean during the 1700’s. Just about anything can be curry such as; chicken, goat, shrimp, fish, duck, and even apples. When my family came here to the U.S.( mother in 1991 for a better life; father in 1988 for family), they’ve contributed to the introduction of the West-Indian culture present here, by bringing in recipes such as this and other influences. For those that are interested in trying curry, going into a West-Indian restaurants such as “ Fisherman’s cove”, “Bake and things”, Blue Mountain”,  and “Golden Krust”.

Year: 1988

– Abigail Reid

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant