My object is a plate that was given to my mother from my grandmother. The plate is very symbolic to my Ecuadorian culture. The plate shows the largest cathedral in Cuenca (the city in Ecuador where my family is from). The bridge that is in front of the elegant cathedral is called Puente Sentenario. Below the bridge is the River Tomebamba. My grandmother gave this to my mother about 7 years ago. My grandmother missed my mother a lot. Before my mother left to return to New York, my grandmother gave her this plate as a reminder that whenever my mother needed to come home, my grandmother would be there. My grandmother also told my mother to never forget her Ecuadorian culture. My mother brought it here and kept it in her home for years. The plate reminds my mother and my family of our family in Ecuador and our true culture. My grandmother and my family will stay in our hearts forever, even though they are a continent away.

– Anita Baculima

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