Cross that was given to me by my mother.
Cross that was given to me by my mother.

This cross belonged to my mother who received it from her fiance. He passed away in July of 2019. I received the necklace in middle school for my 8th grade graduation present. I was moving on to “bigger things” as they put it. I knew I always loved the necklace and would cherish it. I wear it every day, everynight, and every softball game. I remember one softball game during the summer it had broken and it took me weeks to put it back together. Small things mean the most even when they are broken. Just like people, the small things they do are still meaningful even when they are imperfect, such as the woman who gave me the necklace. Even with her addictions she still had love and worth. 

Place(s): Virginia
Year: 1976

– MC

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