Cooking Pan

In 1981, my mother came to the United States from Colombia. Bringing her traditional style of cooking from Colombia, she has used this cooking pan to prepare several meals like arepa con queso (corn cake with cheese), chorizo, queso frito (fried cheese), platano asado (baked plantains) and carne asada (baked meat). She didn’t bring this pan from Colombia but was given to her by a Puerto Rican family who she was rooming up with at the time. Since this pan has been around for most of my childhood, it brings back memories when I was a child and my mother would prepare breakfast on the weekends. Years have passed and until this day she still uses this pan to prepare some amazing traditional Colombian meals. To me this cooking pan represents happy memories of my mother and how good of a cook she is.

Year: 1981

– Alan Merchan

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