Coo Coo Clock


My object is a coo coo clock. It was made in Austria where my great grandpa was from (he has died), so in other words, my dad’s grandpa. The coo coo clock is made out of wood and has a lot of little wooden people, plants and animals that have been painted so they look like they are wearing traditional German clothing. Its also has chains hanging from it. The coo coo clock hangs up on our wall in the hallway. It is used to tell time. Every hour it makes a loud noise and the little move around so it looks like they are dancing and having fun. 

The history behind it is that my great grandpa was from Austria and he and my great grandma always had a coo coo clock in their house even when they were little and they thought it was a good idea that he give one to my grandpa and his siblings and after awhile my grandpa gave one to my dad and all of his siblings so there have been a lot of coo coo clocks in my family. The coo coo clock is a very important artifact in my family that reminds us of our earlier generation and where they were from. It connects to my identity because since my great grandpa is from Austria. It helps represents who I am. I am a part German. 

– J

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant