College Graduation Ring

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College Graduation Ring Paragraph
College Graduation Ring Paragraph
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My family artifact is my Grandmother’s graduation ring. The ring is about half an inch, and the front of the ring is triangular. It is colored gold, white, and black. The ring is made of gold. My grandmother’s ring came into my family about fifty years ago from Trinidad. My grandmother got it from her college graduation in Trinidad. The school my grandma  attended was Holy Name Convent. These rings are a gift to every graduating class, and is a symbol of passage. My grandmother, Aloma Bell, is one of the people who got to own one of these rings. It is important to my family because it represents education, and the end of an academic journey. After my grandma got this ring, she could live her life and get a job, but she went to England to become a nurse. On the ring it says ‘veritas’ which means truth in Latin. Now my grandma’s ring is stored in a jewelry box hidden in a closet. The ring is really small, and it can barely fit on my finger! 

Place(s): Trinidad, New York

– H

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant