Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My dad immigrated to New York in 1994. The reason why he immigrated is to get better education. One object he brought with him while immigrating is a coconut shell.The first reason I chose this object is because the coconut shell reminds my dad of where he is from originally which is from St.Lucia. Another reason why I chose this object is because it is the only object my dad remembers from his younger life. My dad got this coconut shell in the year 1994. He has had this shell for 22 years now! My dad still hasn't gotten rid of it and probably will never. He connects this shell to his grandma who still lives in St. Lucia. The object is a reminder of the coconut trees that lined up near the rivers where he grew up. It is also a reminder of how many of these trees were all around the place. As a result, my dad grew up drinking the coconut water. It is not the same in this country. That makes it even more precious for my dad.Inside of the coconut shell, you can see the lines or veins of the coconut. These lines or veins help carry nutrients from the tree to the coconut. It is usually white in color, when you break a real coconut, but mine is not; mine is a replica.In St.Lucia, my dad used the shell to hold small objects like pins. He also used it as a food bowl and a decorative item. In New York, the shell is always in the open and as a decorative position.

Year: 1994

– Michael

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant