cigarette box

In Attire

This object was my mom’s tata and it was a sliver case or a box for his cigarettes. My mom would always tell me stories about  her tata.He would always have it on him,at all times and while having coffee too and that she would always spend time with him,not my other family member wouldn’t and my mom was really close with him. When that day came when he passed away my mom was heartbroken.Tata died in a fire and the house burned down. They salvaged of what they could find  but my other family members really wanted his cigarette case so bad they looked in the ashes. My dad found it before anyone else did and gave it to my mom and my mom’s tata son ask my dad if he can have it but my dad told him he gave it to my mom and when I was born my named me after him,as my middle name and my mom showed me his case and I can see why everyone wanted it.The box was silver and it has a few burn marks and its in good shape and the design was an sliver egalile but half of it it’s melted from the fire and the silver case can hold a pack of cigarettes and it’s in really good shape and there’s some scratches on it and on top it slides open to get his cigarettes.  On the back of the box  he had glue a letter p that stands for his name and it was gold.

– jose vallejo

Relationship:  unknown unknown