Christmas Ornaments

My families Christmas tree
My families Christmas tree

Most families inherit the usual items like flags, uniforms, memorabilia, maybe even a collectors item inherited from a long gone family member you've never even met. My family specializes in Christmas ornaments inherited from recent relatives as opposed to the much older and antique possessions you see with in many families. One example is the ice skater ornaments that had been inherited from my now deceased aunt. Or the angel tree topping that we use on the Christmas Tree most years that we inherited from my great aunt. Not to mention the arts and crafts made over the past twenty years by my siblings and parents that really help personalize the tree and make it seem less generic. Even though my great grandparents are from Belgium, Africa, French Canada, and Scotland, I nor any other member of my immediate family really brings this up. It's a similar story among my more distant relatives in New Hampshire and Floyd County as well. I think this doesn't exactly show an older culture in the U.S. but more so a new one that, much like the United States itself, is relatively new. The more and more people drift away from their homeland and culture, the more they develop a new culture that shares parts of the old country and still brings a distinctive feel to the new country and it's culture.

– Dominique Holland

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