Christmas Cinnamon Rolls

Christmas morning 2018
Christmas morning 2018
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When I smell cinnamon, it takes me straight to Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, when my mom and I bake cinnamon rolls. This tradition started when I was around 5, I started showing an interest in cooking and my mom wanted a tradition to carry on throughout our lives with our families. Every Christmas Eve we start by making the dough and letting it rise over night, then on Christmas before we open our presents we roll out the dough, fill it with cinnamon sugar and let it rise one last time before going in the oven. When they are done rising we put them into the warm oven and open our presents while we wait for them to cook. After were done and the cinnamon rolls are ready and iced we deliver them to our friends and neighbors because we like to make double the recipe and spread holiday warmth. It's one of my favorite traditions that has come to be with my family. 

– BG

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