Relationship: Child of im/migrant
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White an colorful.
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Alexander Baron
Christmas is a holiday that my family and I really enjoy. There are many reasons why we enjoy Christmas, like food. For example, tamales, mole, cake, mash potatoes, and much more. But what  I really enjoy about Christmas is the time that I spend with my family. I wonder if I did not have my family or anyone else to spend christmas with, there wouldn't be food or, people talks with people. There is no point in celebrating christmas if you can't celebrate with anyone else. One Christmas year, on winter break I and my family went into a trip to Utah to visit, my uncle from my mom's side. The only reason this stuck to me is that it was a long trip because we did not go on the plane we went in the car which made it longer. Something that stayed with me in my head is when our 21 hour drive was over and we were at our destination. I step out of the car my feet felt like I was carrying 3000 pounds in my legs, so I fell to the floor, and stayed there because i was tired and embarrassed to get up. The main reason why we enjoy Christmas is the time we spend together.

Place(s): Utha, Estado De Mexico, Minneapolis

– Alexander Baron

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant