Chivas 16-17 Home Jersey

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Chivas 16-17 Home Jersey
Chivas 16-17 Home Jersey
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 The light coat of the jersey made me feel fresh. It didn’t fit tight or loose. I felt comfortable in it like being wrapped around a blanket. I wiped my shoulders feeling cool about this new attire. I adjusted it so it had no wrinkles at all. I made sure to take care of this precious thing. It was a red and white striped jersey with navy blue short sleeves. The front of the jersey was clean with no sponsor getting in the way. The left sleeve had the Pepsi logo as a sponsor. Wearing that jersey for the first time hyped me up.
On the same day that I had gotten the Chivas jersey, Chivas was also playing the final for the Mexican soccer league championship. I watched the game with my dad. Chivas would end up winning the championship which really made my dad and I happy.
Whenever I look back at my old Chivas jersey it reminds me of that good moment I had with my dad and the start of a life changing journey for me. If it wouldn't have been for this, my love for soccer probably wouldn't be as big as it is today. This event resulted in me starting to watch soccer games more frequently. I also established my love for Las Chivas de Guadalajara just like my dad. 

– JR

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