Chinese money

Relationship: Im/migrant

Money isn't usually seen as something that will have a personal meaning to, or something that shows a history because it is just a piece of paper that is passed around for purchase. My parents and their ancestors were all from China. It is something that they have lived through and experienced as time/centuries went by. They seen so many things and China itself means so much to them. It's where they were born, where they got their customs, and culture that made them who there were. It's their background. Even though my parents had gotten use to the customs of America, and also managed to incorporate the Asian culture with the modern American culture, in a way I feel like many people don't fully understand what they went through. Money can mean a lot of things, power, wealth and even greed. But in this case, the chinese money has its own history, its own story. Where its been, what it was used to buy, and how old it is. In the past, when my parents were younger, they had to struggle everyday. My grandparents had to struggle and their parents did too. Whether it was what to eat that night or how to feed the rest of the family.  What did my parents had to go through to make money in the past? All their hardwork and dedication, I know and understand but many don't. They went through a tough time immigrating to America. I think this was a strong decision and a really good decision. Thinking about it, look how far this money had to travel to be here in American ground.

– Finna Xu

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant