Chinese Chess

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Chinese Chess symbolizes several thousand years history of Chinese culture. It originated from the CHU and  HAN period. This game benefit memory; all of people can play it. I used to play this game with my father and brother, it is special to me, because it remind me that I had a lot fun with my father and brother.  Chinese chess is composed of a square chessboard and 32 chess pieces round addition, the 32 chess pieces divided 16 red and black color, and each chess pieces have letter on the side. The square chessboard contains ten horizontal line and nine vertical line on board. Moreover, the lines form a 40 x 40 lattice. like American chess, but the different is leave the middle space an empty, as like the river on there, then put CHU and HAN letter on each side, In Chinese, the letters is 楚河 and 汉界 . That different color chess pieces like armies protect they are king. The winner is to take off opposite king.       When I was 9 years old, I loved play chess with my father and brother. I remember that the last time played chess with them was on the Lantern Festival. This game is usually played by two people, so we need to play in rotation. When we was play this game, we had our own rules, the person who lose the game, chose one poem and  recites to us. If the person makes a mistake in the poem, then he has to stop playing for one round. When we were playing game, my mother made a lot of special snack for us. A month later, I moved to another city for studying. my father had gave the chess to me. he known that how much I love the Chess.      

– Dinnie Ai

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