Relationship: Im/migrant
Me and steve in Chicago at EXCLUSIVE773
Me and steve in Chicago at EXCLUSIVE773
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My hometown is Chicago, IL. Before I was born, my family lived in Chicago. When my family was younger they always told me that Chicago was a fun place to be. Before I was born my grandma passed away and it was only my older 3 brothers that seen me, grandma, because they were older then me she passed 3 years before I was born. When I was born my dad moved to Cuba and I haven't really seen him. Know in Chicago it is very bad and there are so many killings in the city now and that the city was never like that before I was born. Know people say people in Chicago get killed every day and that's ridiculous.  On my dad's side I got family in Chicago the only person I know that's in Chicago right now is my sister and I see her every year when I go to Chicago. 
Now I live in Minneapolis. Since I moved to Minneapolis I visit Chicago every year. As know I get bigger I did my research on Chicago and it's one of the top 3 biggest cities in the united states. Since I live in Minneapolis I visit Chicago every year for my grandma memorial. Sometimes I go for basketball tournaments but I never really get to see my family when I go there. Know I got some of my family moving to Minneapolis from Chicago.  From my perspective, I think Chicago had the best food and donuts that's just how I grew up they food was always good. The biggest difference between Chicago and Minneapolis is that Chicago is a bigger city and it has more people.  1429

Place(s): Chicago

– Braquan Williams

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant