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 the debut court
the debut court

Filipino women turning eighteen years old, it’s a Filipino tradition to have a customary coming-of-age ceremony to mark this occasion, it’s similar to a quinceanera. Everything from the theme, color, to even other attendees is so important. Traditional for the theme and color you would have to keep it very simple but over the years both modern and traditional these would happen to overlap over the years so you’ll see more modernized debut themes. Another big part of a debut is the debut court which involves eighteen roses and eighteen candles along with eighteen treasures. With that would also have the grand cotillion waltz and the father-daughter dance as well. Make sure you have the debutante closet friends who will be committed to being a part of the court whether it be with the eighteen roses or the eighteen candles, it’s very important to make sure you have both even numbers for both. For the grand cotillion, the waltz dance would be around twelve minutes that require about months of both planning and rehearsals prior to the debut party. Then you will be paired off in nine couples and having all 18 participants enacting choreographed dance that could be the waltz or more modern interpretations of the dance depending on the songs, the style of dance, or whatever the debutante and her friends feel would be appropriate.

Place(s): California
Year: 1976

– Charlyz Villareal

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