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my chain
my chain

One object that represents my immigration experience is my chain. I wear the chain around my neck. It is made of steel and is the color brown. I always wear it on my neck and I have been using it for 2 years. It was made in a company that I do not know in what part of the world, but it was thrown into the fire and washed in my house.  In 2017, I was in my room and my mom came home from a trip and I went to my room and I was surprised when she came in and gave me the chain. The other gifts I do not remember. My chain is important to me because my mom gave it to me and everything she gave me as a gift I appreciate very much and I take care of it. In the airport, when I passed by the place where I had to remove everything on the body, at that moment, I had to remove it and put it in the bucket, and then, when I checked the machine, the police handed it to me and they told me to take it off. They asked how did I go through security. My passport matches my face so well so that's how they can tell it's me. The story of my chain can teach others that one gift can connect you to your family forever.


Place(s): Republic Dominican
Year: 2018

– Brian

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant