Ceramic cat

My maternal grandfather's mother immigrated to the United States from The Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia) by traveling through Ellis Island--her name is on the wall at the memorial there. She brought with her a ceramic cat. It is not the specific cat pictured above, unfortunately my family no longer has the cat and there were no pictures taken of it; this is just a representation of what it might have looked like. I know very little about my great grandmother, grandfather doesn't talk much. I do picture her sometimes, as a young woman from a foreign country coming into our country, remember that if her name weren't on that wall, I wouldn't be here, or at least I wouldn't be the person I am now. I recall the idea that we should plant the tree whose shade we'll never sit in, and I remember that we are all immigrants here, even if we don't remember.

Year: 1920

– Zoe Reid

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