Relationship: Im/migrant

I come from Vietnam.When we talk about Vietnam, we think of two things:War and Nails.But today I’ll talk about celebration.When I was in Vietnam I waited for Lunar New Year with my family every year.It's a Vietnamese tradition.It has different name:Tet Holiday.Before the day we buy flower trees to decorate our home and cook a special cake to give to our relatives.It begins on the first day of the Lunar calendar and goes on for 3 days.We visit graves of ancestors, go on pagodas to pray about something good in the future and ask about our parents, grandparents.We give lucky money in red envelopes to family and friends.We also organize a party.In August we hold the Mid-Autumn Festival. In every street, monks, lions and dragons perform the dance to expel evil spirits, bring good luck to houses and shops.Bakery stores are busier than ever, they sell moon cakes. Children are bought lanterns with all shapes:stars, butterflies, fish, etc. to go to the festival.On those days we enjoy family meals, tea and watch the moon.
I came to America in 2017.I never thought I can.This is my chance to learn in a good environment,have friends and a good future.Suddenly I know America is not like my dream.Americans live in haste,they don’t have time to communicate with neighbors,they gather only during festivals,like Christmas.They decorate their house and gather and talk together.But I learned a lot more here.
We cannot say anything about life.Today might be a day of my boredom, but tomorrow might be a great day.Life is a gift.

Place(s): Vietnam
Year: 2017

– Tan

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant