Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Cute fuzzy cats
Cute fuzzy cats
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My cats are spoiled. They are so spoiled that they wake me up at midnight, just so I could pet them for a few minutes. They might be spoiled but they play a major role in my life. In 6th grade a lot of changes happened, I remember coming home with my sisters from school, trying to hide the drawing that I drew in my whole arm, I walked to my mom’s room (I had to give her some papers). I saw my mom in her bed holding a kitten. I forgot all about my wannabe tattoo and petted the kitten, after a while, we named her Fall’y, she is really energetic and loves to play fight with her older brother (Galaxy) that we found behind the tv for some weird reason. We moved after the rent started to become a problem, The cats became outdoors cats for a while, then we moved to another place. I remember my family telling me that the cats went outside but then came back after finding out the neighbors dog. They can be annoying when they keep insisting on giving them food because, Galaxy’s already chubby (because of all those Friskies that he eats), while Fall’y tries to eat all the food she can find

Place(s): Minnesota

– Wendy

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant