Relationship: Im/migrant
Catxupa a traditional food in Cape Verde
Catxupa a traditional food in Cape Verde
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          Every sunday, my father’s aunt cook Catchupa for people in community and for our family. She is the one that cooks and sells food for the community. My father’s aunt loves to cook, and she likes to make neighborhoods happy with affection, and love in her food.
          We from Cape Verde, our traditional food is Cachupa, Cuz Cuz, pastel. Cachupa is the most famous traditional food in Cape Verde because when we cook Cachupa, we make it with a lot of  patience, love. Each food we cook with affection and love, but each of one of them people cook in peace. Some people in my country are really good at cooking. When they are cooking, you smell something that is made with love. Each of the people has different hands because some have hands like an angel, some of them not. It depends where you go, and what you eat. Imagine if you taste something that you think is really good, and you don’t like it. 

          My mother loves to cook. She cooks with patience, love, and much affection. When she cooks, she feels like she is in another place that she is alone. Without no one that will make her feel uncomfortable, and not being focused on what she is doing. Also when she cooks, she doesn’t like anyone to go in the kitchen while she cooks, because it will distract her. But she likes some little extra in the kitchen.

Place(s): Santiago, Cabo Verde
Year: 2017

– Zeila De Pina Monteiro

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant